Digital Transformation

Technology is changing rapidly the awareness of digital transformation for many industries, not except for the insurance industry. In Digital Innovation Survey by Accenture in 2014, finding provided a suggestion that for the next few years’ digital transformation features such as Chatbot, robotic-advisor, online sales, digital claims settlement, telematics insurance, cyber insurance, or Blockchain should be on the agenda of the insurance industry. Originally, considering the traditional platforms with legacy systems which insurers are still using manual processes to integrate products and provide services manually, while customers still must wait for a long time as several days or weeks on certain insurance products completion. These are already out of date with time-consuming and limiting the approaching of sale margin. Over the last few years, the consumers are also having an opportunity to be realigned with a new benchmark based on user experience, the way of responding to insurance products and easier to judge and compare between each insurance companies and other industries. Thus, insurance firms are forced to adopt new technologies in their business strategy to gain the number of customers, attract more retention, while keeping costs low and driving sale efficiently.

What is digital transformation? | The Enterprisers Project

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