Innovation And Design Thinking

A Design Thinking concept is progressively considered by many firms as a measurement to generate human-centered innovation in their competitive strategy. Design thinking which forcing customer-centric as central to innovators thinking, will help the innovator to achieve greater lucidity, to perceive viable, feasible and desirable ideas. To understand customers’ or users’ needs, design thinker will devise several techniques by their knowledge and experience to oil the engine of idea generation, and make it more efficient such as empathize, define, ideal, prototype, and test .

Nowadays, in the Digital Era, the innovation is extremely crucial for firms to remain the existing business, keep the growth pace and keep long-run in the high competition, or even become leading-edge companies. In the journey of innovation, Design Thinking is playing a major role which infiltrating the business’s core to translate any creative ideas, technologies, or innovation into enthralling customer experience. By empathizing with customers, mapping the user experiences, the companies will understand the customer’s need, thus the opportunities will be defined and drive the changes or justification to adopt with new demand and trends of consumers. Throughout, the firms will decide about the services that will be delivered, specially designed by the Archimate technique to visualize the model in different layers such as application, infrastructure, not only business.

The empathy mapping is a technique which including the steps of establishing the target user who needs to be understood and empathized, then capturing the outside world which is the activities users will do such as seeing, saying, doing, hearing; the following step is exploring the inside part which is the user’s feeling, thinking, painting, suffering, scarring, or exciting; and the last step is asking the user summarizing and sharing their thoughts, experience, expectation to change their perspective, the product or process running.

Design Thinking is crucial in the innovation process to hear the story from people clarify the pain point from the customer journey. Thus, Design Thinker will define the opportunity for improvement, visualize the chances and decide the business model or services blueprint to firm what value that business will provide to consumers under the Archimate model.

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